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MEET THE FOUNDING FATHERS & other famous Americans

George & Martha Washington

George Washington - Daniel Shipley.jpg
Martha Washington - ___ Shipley.jpg

Played by Daniel & Kelly Shippey

The Breeds Hill Institute

Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin.jpg

Played by Gregg Hardy

Colonial Heritage Foundation

Ben Franklin - flying kite.jpg

John Adams & Sir John Redmayne, Major, Coldstream Guards 

John Adams - JE Pauly - 2 392KB_edited.j
Redcoat Major.jpg

Played by JE Pauly

Rebels and Redcoats

Betsy Ross
Betsy Ross 1.jpg
Pres. Abraham Lincoln
Abe Face to Face 3_edited.jpg

Played by Dawn Taylor

Played by Ed Lawson

Isaiah Thomas - colonial printer.JPG



Isaiah Thomas - colonial printer

Isaiah Thomas - colonial printer.JPG

Played by Gove Allen        Colonial Heritage Foundation

Colonial Dance Instruction

Vintage Colonial Dancers_edited.jpg

Played by Kimberli & Tom Grant 

Old Glory Vintage Dancers

Fighting Quaker Forge

Fighting Quaker Forge 1.jpg

Played by Micheal Mendenhall  Fighting Quaker Forge

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